.·:*¨༺ ABOUT ༻¨*:·.

Beads by Edie is a one woman jewellery brand based in London, producing handmade beaded jewellery. Edie creates joyful, high quality pieces with a sustainable focus, and makes weekly charity donations.

Beads by Edie pieces are bold and eye catching with a sense of humour. Drawing inspiration from the people of London, film, and the blending of fantasy and reality, the necklaces push the boundaries of wearable art.

The brand was born in 2020 during the UK’s first lockdown. Originally just to brighten up the lives of family and friends, the brand has blossomed into a wonderful creative outlet for Edie. Every piece is handmade with a lot of love and attention to detail in a small West London studio.

A focus on sustainability is at the forefront of Beads by Edie’s ethos. All the beads and materials are handpicked and sourced from various second hand marketplaces, online or otherwise.